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I am Linda den Otter, Exercise therapist 2.0 Caesar/Mensendieck, specialist in the treatment of muscle related complaints with Triggerpoint therapy and Guasha.

Having participated in many sports for many years, I am unfortunately also familiar with many sport injuries. In the past I have broken bones, (almost) had a Frozen Shoulder, had knee and ankle injuries, painful feet that made getting out of bed in the morning a real problem, inflammations of the Achilles tendon, injuries of the elbow and wrist, upper and lower back pains, and more …. All these injuries have taught me what pain really is and to understand a client’s pain.

Make an appointment and/or fill out the registration form. I will give you my full, personal, one-on-one attention; I never work with groups. I will always be your personal therapist. I am often told that “the exercises that you set really work … they seem to do something deep down”; “they hit the spot where the pain hides”; “… it is good that I can do them at home and can fall back on them after the treatment.”

Linda den Otter’s treatment is similar to physiotherapy, but with an added bonus! Linda combines professional knowledge of muscle and nerve pain with one-on-one therapy and exercises, coupled with advice about …


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