Tennis arm, tennis elbow, overload lower arm muscles

Tennis elbow

What is a tennis arm?

tennis arm is a condition of the adhesion muscle of the fore arm at the elbow. The adhesion is positioned at the outer upper side of the elbow. Mostly you can speak  of an overload. In a small percentage the overload at the inner-lower side of the elbow, this is called a golf elbow. By the way, most people suffering from a golf or -tennis elbow, never played golf or tennis in their entire life.

Symptoms of a tennis arm

You feel a painful spot at the outer side, at and around the bone of the elbow. This pain may radiate into the lower arm muscle. The pain increases when lifting, delivering strength by hand, stretching of the wrist while the elbow is strait. In the morning often stretching the elbow will be stiff and sensitive.


  • Extended overload of the lower arm muscles which stretch the hand – tennis arm- or bend the hand -golf elbow- the complaints then gradually arise.
  • A short period of severe overload of the lower arm muscles; in that case the pain will occur almost immediately.
  • Doing odd jobs around the house can also result in a tennis elbow. Often using a screwdriver, replacing lightbulbs, drilling many holes in the wall and such.

What can be done?

An effective method to fix this complaint is exercise therapy in combination with Trigger point therapy and the Guacha therapy. Guacha therapy is great to help  making the Facia soft again so that muscle function will improve and the pain reduces. With a few correct stretch exercises a tennis arm can be treated well.

Most effective is to reduce the burden of lower arm and hand. Try avoiding lifting heavy objects, excessive turning of the lower arm, delivering strength by hand.

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