Schouderpijn, frozen shoulder, slijmbeurs, pijn bovenarm

Heel pain, heel spurs

Many foot and lower leg pains come from the lower leg muscles. Just like Achilles Tendon complaints often come from the Calf muscle and ankle pain from the Shin muscles. Also with these complaints the doctor can come to a false conclusion and might diagnose a Tendon inflammation.

Causes of Heel spurs;

  • Overload or Stress injury.
  • Incorrect walking pattern – over pronation for example-
  • Increasing weight or Obesity
  • Getting older
  • Worn shoes which give little or no support
  • A change in jobs which involve a lot of standing or walking
  • Tension in the calf muscles
  • Weakening of foot – lower leg muscles. Western people are not being raised to walk on bare feet anymore. Inlays or visits to a Pod therapist is become common and lower leg muscles become weaker still. The more you walk about with thick soles, sturdy shoes, inlays, etc. the less your feet and -lower leg muscles have to do, they become lazy.

Stretch exercises to improve the mobility and l will teach you special foot massage technics that make a important difference in healing. You will get tips and advice for a better posture , standing and walking .

The cause of foot and- lower leg pain is often found in deeper lower leg muscles and the Fascia- is the film covering the muscles- which I will also teach you the technics to soften the Fascia in order to ease the pain.

Do you choose for a sustainable or a temporarily recovery?

Do you want a sustainable solution for all your walking injuries in the future I advise to change to minimalistic runners or  five finger shoes. Or another option,  bare feet running.

Minimalistic shoes
I already ran half marathons recreational. I wore inlays and every summer I walked on Birkenstocks. But, my feet and lower legs started hurting more and more. I searched for an answer and started reading everything I could lay my hands on. I studied and then I put Inlays and Birkenstocks aside and that is how I started to become minimalistic…..   

It took me two years before I ran my first half marathon on minimalistic shoes. The training was a therapeutic – eye opener-. I was not aware that I had lost so much muscle power, coordination, cushioning and stability while I do sports 4-5 times a week.

I started out with sore feet, tingling toes, sore Achilles muscles and the walking distances that shortened by the day, after every training my calves were stiff and my Hamstrings sore, coming out of my bed I could hardly stand on my feet and going down the stairs in a normal way was a problem.

I was truly surprised when my persistence was rewarded running on minimalistic shoes. At the moment I am completely complaints free !! No inlays, no footbed, only flat and wide “shoes” and whenever possible I walk bare footed. Try taking off your shoes when you are at home, you’ll like it.

Training with minimalistic shoes.
Do not start running on minimalistic shoes right away instead of the traditional way. Your feet are not trained in self capture of shock absorption,  elasticity, coordination  and muscle power. I had lost it in my feet and lower legs and because of that I had injuries that would not disappear but even worsened. Especially when you are older – I was 52 when I started- it takes longer to heal.

You get started training on minimalistic shoes NEXT to your traditional walking shoes. Your “walking” schedule is as follows; 1-2 minutes jogging -yes, NO running- alternated with walking. This schedule is for 3 months after that, you increase with 10% every week. You train endurance -increasing minutes- first ,and after that distance training.

With supporting foot massage and stretch exercises for feet and lower legs, which I will teach you, you will help healing and you will improve suppleness of the muscles and Fascia. Foot and lower leg pain comes from Trigger points in the lower leg muscles.

If you are motivated, have patience, and are persistent plus have the discipline then you can do it, running on minimalistic shoes.


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