First appointment and treatment

In preparation

You do not need a referral from your General Practioner for an appointment with me. Once you have filled out and submitted the registration form, I will process your information and prepare for your first appointment. Please do not forget to read the treatment contract, and to bring a signed copy when you see me for the first appointment. If making a print out of the form is a problem: don’t worry, I can easily print it for you.
Would you like more information first? Are you wondering if I am the right person for you? For any questions call or send an e-mail.

The therapy: the Golden Triangle

To experience the maximum benefits of the treatment, sticking to all three elements of the Golden Triangle is essential: they are a unit and inseparable.

  • Do your homework every day. You only need to do a few simple stretch exercises.
  • Make sure you apply what you have learned about posture correction in all you do, at home, at work or when exercising.
  • Learn and apply the self-massage technique according to the Triggerpoint method as developed by Clair en Amber Davies.

On average 6-10 treatment sessions

Usually 6 to 10 treatment sessions are needed, depending on the nature of your complaint. Treating triggerpoints in a domestic situation requires a certain amount of discipline and perseverance, but with your determination and my know-how we are sure to reach good results.


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