Tension headaches, migraine, Medication provoked headache, Cluster headaches


Headache is the most frequent occurring pain. An estimated ninety to ninety five percent of people suffer from a headache once in a while, the cause not always being clear. Sometimes stress or tension is involved. Also it could be found in straining the eyes, smoking, toothache, cold, heat, fragrances, or infection of the ear. Also a wrong posture, a stiff neck, shortage of sleep, hunger, lack of fluids could give you an headache.

An effective method is found in exercise therapy combined with Trigger point and Guasha therapy. The purpose of Guasha is to get the liquid in the Facia – connective tissue – going again so that muscle function will improve and pain decreases. Through correct exercises many headache problems can be treated.

Different kind of headaches.

Doctors define four different kinds of headaches; tension headaches, migraine, cluster headache and medication-dependent headache.

Tension headaches

Tension headaches usually occur on both sides of the head. It feels like there is a tight strap around the head. The pain is throbbing instead of stinging. It is a dull-pressed pain in the skull skin which is sometimes accompanied by nausea. Any effort makes the pain worse.

Tension headache can also occur because a bad posture, fear, stress, cold or lack of sleep. The pain can disappear within thirty minutes or could keep on going for days in a stretch. Tension headaches might come combined with muscle pains. The cause then often comes from incorrect posture, or too long and strenuous working, which make your muscle bundles cramp up.

Tips for Tension headaches;

  • Try to ease the pain by massaging neck and shoulders. I will teach you my unique and effective method which you can easily do at home.
  • Use as little as possible fat and proteins by the way of meat, fish and dairy products, these can provoke headaches.
  • Practice Yoga- and relaxing exercises.
  • Take care for a correct body posture. Make an appointment, I will teach you.


A hundred thousands of people suffer from Migraine, in general more women than men. It is about a throbbing pain on one side of the head that maybe will be there for just one hour but can also go on for days. Most people prefer lying in a dark room when they experience a Migraine attack.

The actual cause which provokes a Migraine attack is unknown. Many diagnosed Migraine is not Migraine but a hefty muscle tension headache. You do have the symptoms of a migraine but these also occur with “normal” headaches. Trigger points in neck and shoulder muscles are often overlooked treating Migraine. A genuine Migraine attack has to do with a dilation of blood vessels in your brain.

Medication provoked headache.

Due to excessive use of medication which can trigger a headache. This accounts for several Painkillers (Paracetamol) but also special medication against headaches. If you don’t realize this, the problem of course will get bigger and bigger. You will increase the use of medication against headaches while all the time they are the problem. Mostly it’s about a mild pain nearly every day on both sides of the head, sometimes in combination with nausea.

The solution is very simple, stop using medication -excessively-. First the pain complaints will increase, but if you persevere, you will feel a great deal better in a couple of weeks.

Cluster headaches.

This is an unbearable headache that mostly occurs in Clusters -groups- hence the name. Mostly the cluster headache comes during night time, varying from every other day to eight times per day. Most patients claim four headaches per cluster serial. The headache can last from fifteen minutes up to six hours. Between the clusters there can be cluster free periods that can last for days or even years. With these headaches you can’t avoid taking medication.


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