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Pain in the neck - a stiff neck

Pain in the back of the head and in the neck area can radiate towards the body- shoulders- arms and back. It can hinder you in your daily activities and keep you awake during the night.

I would be happy to help to relieve you from these discomforting pains. A very effective method is obtained through exercise , improving your posture in combination with Trigger point and /or Guasha therapy. With Guasha we aim mostly on getting the fluids in the Facia (connective tissue) smooth again. The muscle function will then improve and the pain decrease . With the correct exercise program both headache and neck pain can be treated.

The pain does not go away. How come?

You probably might recognize it. One unexpected wrong move of your neck is quickly made. The result being a pulled muscle and pain in your neck. Pain in the back of your head or neck can be caused by;

  • Most often it is an extremely high tension in the muscles /Trigger points (which will be muscle knots in the upper back and shoulders). Also it could be due to;
  • inflammation of the neck muscles.
  • Stress due to excessive sports-work or emotional tension.
  • A coughing fit, a viral infection, hangover, too much (emotional)strain, a reaction to medication, too much sugar, (tension)headache.
  • Unhealthy total posture or position of the head.
  • Neck Hernia or Whiplash.
  • Also; Long lasting, unnecessarily pulling up the shoulders. Doing office work on a chair without arm rests. Or armrests in a wrong position, too low/high. Curve back posture where the shortened breast muscles will cause a increased tension on the Muscules Trapezius.
    Having heavy breasts. Carrying a shoulder bag or a backpack on a strap over the shoulder. Sleeping on one side with no proper head support. Typing while your information is constantly on the same side. Reading a long time while book or paper is lying flat on the table. Crash and accidents.

What can be done ?

Why Manual therapy sometime fails.
Tensed muscles are tightly fit over the joints. If you only loosen the joints involving neck and back with manual therapy, you don’t tackle the cause of the high tension in the muscles. The relief will be for a short length of time, because after a while the high tension will surely cause the neck or back bend again in pain. You can start all over and will have not received anything.

I will teach you to reduce high tension muscles by correcting your posture (head and upper back!), by exercising and massage technics which will help you to create more space and add length to the muscle. When the muscle in longer there will be less pressure on the vertebra joint. You will learn to do this yourself, so you won’t be needing me in the near future. After a period of time the vertebral joint will redeem it’s correct position because the muscle tension has become less or gone.


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