Guasha and FAT technique

The treatment technique of Myofascial pain

Guasha (scraping) therapy is an in-depth specialisation (the Fascia) in the treatment of (muscle) complaints and Triggerpoints as part of exercise therapy. It resembles the FAT technique (Fascial Abrasion = scraping muscle tissue) as employed by physiotherapists, but it is not the same. As an Exercise Therapist I use the Myofascial Triggerpoint method developed by Clair Davies and the FAT (Fascial Abrasion Technique) in combination with Gua Sha therapy.

In the treatment of the Fascia (fibrous connective tissue around the muscles) I use my in-depth specialisation, the Gua Sha technique. Especially people with an immobile shoulder or with the diagnosis Frozen Shoulder very often benefit from Guasha treatment. I am an expert in back and shoulder complaints.

Both the Guasha technique and the FAT technique aim to

  • detoxify the body
  • improve the blood flow
  • increase the oxygen uptake
  • improve flexibility of movement; you will be able to move more freely.

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