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Low back pain, low back complains, radiation complains

Low back pain?

What is low back pain?

Low back pain has several causes. Under “normal” low back pain we gather all disorders that are not caused by a disease. A Hernia abnormality or damaging of the back. The cause of low back pain usually comes from a sudden wrong movement, a wrong posture, too high muscle tension in the back, overload for example in case of sports. Not enough using the back, sitting too much, too often. Wrong mobility in general.. Often it has to do with how you move about with as a consequence that muscles are going to cramp. This can express its self in;

  • Vertical low back pain, maybe in combination with abdominal and groin pain.
  • Chronical thigh pain
  • Pain standing up from a chair
  • Pain standing up
  • Turning in bed
  • Hamstrings

Trigger points are often at the root of the onset of chronic low back problems. The muscle pulls the pelvis backwoods, causing muscle function of the buttocks and low back muscles being hampered by the flattened lower back. Due to the abnormal posture that arises, the head is held forward. This is an extra load for the neck, shoulders and upper back.

What can you do about it?

Why manual therapy does not work every time. Tensed muscles are tight over your joints. If you only loosen muscles on the joints in the neck and/or back, you in fact do not do anything about the high tensed muscles. The high tensed muscles will eventually will bend the back once more and then you can start all over again. It will be a short term profit.

Low back pain is often a problem of spinal muscles and/ or spinal disk herniation. I will teach you to handle this pain affectively so that you can go on with your daily activities.. Also I will teach you practical and effective exercises from the trigger point method. -No needles like in the dry needle-ling method-. Usually I combine this with a few Guasha treatments. An excellent therapy in case of pelvis and low back pains is walking!

Cause of back complaints.

  • A wrong posture often lies at the base when a hernia is formed in the back or neck. Sitting often with pulled up knees, bucket seats in the car, behind the computer, etc.
  • Wrong posture, the low back muscles and the glutes are overloaded. Lumbago or spit you will get as diagnosis.
  • Vertebral shifts
  • Radiation complaints to the legs without cause. In this case the cause often can be found in the glutes!
  • Falls, unusual exercises, sitting cross legged, purse or smartphone in back pocket. In only five percent of all cases of low back pain a bodily cause is found.

Go for it.

  • Improve your posture Searching for the possible cause of your pain.
  • Muscle treatment trigger point in combination with Guacha therapy, breathing and muscle relaxation.
  • Stretch exercises to improve mobility


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