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Elbow pain complaints

The most occurring complaint of the elbow is a tennis or- golf elbow. Furthermore you can get a painful elbow by leaning on a desktop with your elbow(s), it can irritate the elbow nerve.

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What can you do?
The most effective way is to temporarily lighten the load on the arm but keeping it mobile. Try avoiding lifting heavy objects, avoid, turning the fore arm like putting in screws. Extendedly using a drilling machine and squeezing firmly.

If the complaints come from sporting then it is advisable to temporarily take a break. When you start again it is sensible to take care to use the correct technics when using your arm. You can ask your trainer if you have doubts.

For a correct blood flow of the tendon of the lower arm muscle it is important that your arm gets a lighter load but stays mobile. It will not interfere with the healing if you experience pain during movement, so don’t worry. It is you who feels your boundary the best..    


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