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Hernia, spinal disk herniation, bulge

Low back hernia

What is a Hernia?

Hernia is another word for “bulge”. The bulge comes from the Spinal disk herniation, which can be pressing a nerve and develop pain complaints in an arm (neck hernia) or leg (back hernia).The exact explanation or cause is unknown but most likely posture- extensive sitting and lack of mobility play a part.

The spinal disk herniation is to be found close to where a nerve leaves the vertebral canal. If at that place a bulge develops, it can cause the nerve root to become trapped. Sometimes this can lead to muscle failure and the onset of irritations (appearances) in leg/foot. The so-called tingling.


The cause is mostly found in a wrong posture and/or back load. This can be caused by the construction of your skeleton or problems with your muscles or mobility. Also certain habits can lead to a bad posture and wrong movements. This often has to do with how you move. The result is cramping muscles. This can show through;

  • Vertical low back pain, maybe combined with abdominal and groin pain.
  • Chronical thigh pain
  • Pain standing up from a chair
  • Pain standing up
  • Turning in bed
  • Persistent, nagging pain between the shoulder blades.
  • Lying on a hip. You wake up from a nagging pain.

Cause of a Hernia.

  • A wrong posture often lies at the base when a hernia is formed in the back or neck. Sitting often with pulled up knees, bucket seats in the car, behind the computer, etc.
  • Wrong posture, the low back muscles and the glutes are overloaded. Lumbago or spit you get as diagnosis.
  • Vertebral shifts
  • Radiation complaints to the legs without cause. In this case the cause often can be found in the glutes!
  • Falls, unusual exercises, sitting cross legged, purse or smartphone in back pocket
  • Overload due to sports.

What can be done? Look for a sustainable solution.

  • Improve your posture Searching for the possible cause of your pain.
  • Muscle treatment trigger point in combination with Guacha therapy, breathing and muscle relaxation.
  • Stretch exercises to improve mobility
  • Take walks
  • Warmth is always nice


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