Buttocks pain, hip pain, leg pain, pelvis,

Buttocks and/or Hip pain complaints

Pain in the buttock develops slowly and is usually felt deeply in the buttock. Pain in the buttock or pelvis can disturb daily functioning. I will search together with you for the right exercises to combat the complaints permanently. Also you will get tips, advice and instructions how to be mobile in a healthy way again. When you stay mobile, move well and keep applying the correct posture, then you can prevent that the complaints return. Trigger point therapy is a good combination with the exercises. Also the Facia will not be forgotten.

Symptoms of buttock – leg- and/or hip complaints

Pain standing, walking, turning in bed, lying on it, pain inner side groin and upper legs, pain sitting, feeling burning pain in the buttock. Pain in the lower back belt high, sleeping difficulty lying on a hip, pain lower back and hips due to last months of pregnancy. sides and back of upper leg, diffuse in the buttocks. You have trouble walking, getting up from a chair, sitting with your legs crossed You can also experience pain near the SI joint .

Outside upper leg to the knee, deep pain behind the hip between your sit bone lump -trochanter major- and the bony lump on the outside of the upper leg-. You are having trouble stretching the hip, you start walking slower, tend to stand with knees and back bent. You stand with a hollow back because the pelvis is pulled forward.

Unexplainable pain in Buttock, leg and/or hip

They often occur during or after a pregnancy, for example a sudden stepping off a curb or instability of the vertebral column, Pelvic complaints can often have a strong disabling affect. Complaints can suddenly disappear but also return just as fast.

Buttock pain can have different causes. In the medical world the next causes are commonly known; Derived pain from the back or SI joint, The Piriformis syndrome – Isaias-, a Bursa inflammation, a tendon inflammation and reduced mobility of the back, the SI joint or the hip.   

Leg pain; Trigger points in the small buttock muscles often give pain at the backside and at the outer side of the leg. This pain can be mistaken for a Hernia or Sciatica or pain coming from the back, which may cause the treatment to fail. A doctor might be misled and come to a wrong conclusion.

Possible causes;

  • Excessive  cycling, M-bike, road bike. Due to strong shortening of the hip muscle and or abdominal muscles due to overload go cramping.
  • Fanatic abdominal exercise, unusual exercise, climbing, wallet in backside pocket, sports, long time sitting or standing, a fall, excessive walking or running.
  • excessive sitting, often twisted sitting, sitting with knees pulled up, car cockpit seats, pelvic skew positions,, falling and car accidents etc.
  • hip pain, buttock pain due to extended sitting  in an aeroplane, sitting with legs crossed, running, excessive standing, lifting weights
  • emotional tension.
  • abdominal operations
  • a true abdominal disease.

What can be done?

With any of above symptoms and complaints you can contact me. Trigger point and -posture therapy often do have a positive result. As a Trigger point coach I will teach you how.


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