Hamstring, Iliopsoas muscle, hip bender, Vastus Lateralis

Upper leg complaints

Pain in the upper leg

The pain felt in the upper leg is often a nagging pain. This can be an effect of higher muscles like the Iliopsoas muscle -hip bender- Complaints and/or pain in the upper leg mostly comes from the muscles, because nothing else is there. Unless you have experienced a trauma, accident, a fall or something like that.

Sometimes there can be a feeling of a radiating pain at the outer side of the upper leg. This often comes from the higher lying buttock muscle. Strongly shortened upper leg and or buttock muscle can give a nagging pain in the upper leg

What can you do about it?

Stretch exercises to improve mobility and blood flow. To learn special leg massage technics. Learn how to soften the Fascia- the film around the effected muscle-. Upper leg complaints can usually be treated with the correct therapy.

Causes of upper leg pain

  • Overload
  • Walking on high heels, excessive walking
  • Repeated sport injuries
  • Incorrect posture of the legs or insufficient use of leg muscles
  • Shortened leg muscles, incorrect shoes
  • Excessive car driving
  • Growing pains children
  • Restless legs

Upper leg muscle

Vastus Lateralis. The outer part of your upper leg muscle

This part is a source of many complaints. Pain in the hip, often in de back of the hip and the outer side of the thigh. Also extremely common for knee complaints, -often in de back of the knee-; also noticeable often with children and toddlers – the well-known knee growing pains-.

Hamstrings. The muscles in the back of your upper leg

Pain on the outer side of the upper leg around the cup of the Fibula, sharp knee pains on the inner side of the knee.

Pain on the outer side of the upper leg around the cup of the Fibula, sharp knee pains on the inner side of the knee.

Excessive sitting down, excessive cycling and swimming keep the hamstrings short , Trigger points can be created  quickly. Intensive sports in poor physical condition. The action of all muscles in hips and upper legs affect each other. Weak upper leg muscles at the front of your upper leg make that your hamstrings have to work harder because they restrict the mobility of the knee. Trigger points in the hamstrings put the buttock muscles under strain.

Wrong diagnose; 
Sciatica, Tendon inflammation of the Hamstring.


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