shoulder pain, muscle pain, pain in the neck

Pain in shoulder front, back and/or topside.

Pain in a shoulder occurs quite often. That is especially because of the complexity of the shoulder joint with the numerous different muscles. Pain in ones shoulder is usually combined with headache, back ache, muscle pain and pain in the neck. These back-and neck pains are caused by muscle tension.

Symptoms of shoulder pain.

The most important symptom of shoulder pain, is pain, often while resting. In bed the nagging pain wakes you up. There is mobility restriction. Dressing and undressing is giving you increasing problems every day. Grabbing something from the upper shelve in your kitchen or putting on your coat, combing your hair or brushing your teeth. The nagging pain you will experience around the shoulder joint but can also radiate to for an example to;

  • between the shoulder blades
  • neck
  • elbow
  • fingers

Causes shoulder pains.

Tendon inflammation, Bursa ignition, Frozen shoulder but more often the cause is to be found in Trigger points – muscle knots- from the surrounding shoulder muscles. Long term working above your head, upper hand car driving, computer work without elbow support or long term working at the computer with your hand on the computer mouse. Pain complaints at the front side of the shoulder usually comes from the Scapula muscle, as well as the pain felt in the biceps, but does not come from there.

Sometimes the pain is diverted to the neck area, medial edge Scapula, upper and lower arm, thumb and into stretching muscles of fingers and hand. The arm can become completely disfunctional, lying on it hurts but also lying on the other shoulder is painful because the scapula muscle is being pulled at. When all Shoulder girdle muscles -Rotator Cuff-are infected, it may seem that you have a Frozen shoulder.

What can we do about it?

In case of shoulder pain complaints an effective method is Exercise therapy combined with Trigger point -as well as Guacha therapy. The purpose of Guacha is to get the liquid in the Facia -connective tissue – going again so that muscle function will improve and pain decreases. Through correct exercises many shoulder problems can be treated.


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