Exercise Therapy 2.0 Caesar / Mensendieck

Exercise Therapists 2.0 Caesar / Mensendieck specialise in improving your posture and movements. As a Paramedical therapist specialising in muscle and nerve complaints and as a Triggerpoint Coach. I will teach you how massage can help you deal with pain, how you can correct your posture and how to stay supple by learning a few simple stretch exercises. Triggerpoint therapy is an effective method of combating pain in combination with Guasha and Exercise therapy . Myofascial trigger points are small muscle knots that play a part in virtually all complaints.

Why do Exercise Therapy 2.0 with me?... feeling it is solving it!

You are keen to do something about that long standing pain that won’t go away or keeps coming back. You have seen a therapist many times without lasting positive result. I will teach you simple and unique (trigger point) muscle relaxation exercises in combination with posture correction and a few simple stretch exercises.

Learning how to use the triggerpoint massage technique is a valuable skill which later may be used to good effect to combat all kinds of pain by you in your own home. After all, for what you can do yourself, you don’t need a therapist, and in this way you will save on health care costs. If you would like more information or if you are not sure that I am the right therapist for you, or simply have a question ….. ring 0649620392 or send an email.

… and for what other reasons?

  • You can come to me with virtually any complaint for which you would consult a physiotherapist;
  • all kinds of pain;
  • learning good habits of posture and movement, such as standing, sitting, walking, bending.
  • incorrect posture can be the cause of great pain, think, for example, of a so-called Gameboy Back or a Tablet Neck!
  • recovery after a trauma, such as factures, tendon or muscle ruptures, strains and sprains.
  • recovery after a hip or knee operation, breast amputation, spinal hernia, neck operations.

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